Courses of Gogol School


Our courses we created are covering art in every possible way: body, voice, physics and acting. That is how each single Lab has its own soul and attitude.

Every Lab is unique.

Ilya Romashko: "Everything is synchronized. Work, family, books you read, dreams you dream, trees behind the window, a seller of the shop just around the corner, dusty floors, Sun prominences. Everything is synchronized in you, and you are a part of it.

Do not be afraid of falling off the line – there is no such thing as System. Do not be afraid of changes coming – they simply do not exist. There is no start or ending. There is only You. Do not rush yourself into the “show-off art”, dig deeper inside. Ask, search, discover. Change, but do not cheat yourself.

Gogol School is no cure for the cancer. But hey, give it a shot. Grow with us and overgrow us. Keep on searching if you feel smothered. FLY."