Semen Steinberg: " We will try to love ourselves more, with all our insecurities, angularities. Let's take all our fears, nightmares, and oddities and bring them to the stage and make theatre out of them! We'll laugh at them, cry, and, most importantly, we will not fear them!"

Ilya Romashko: " To think by action, to ponder by searching ... for oneself on the stage, and, as a consequence, in life. Trying to change the relationship with oneself and, as a consequence, with the world. Learn to see situations from different angles; willingly change one's "assembly point". "

Odin Biron: " The strings of our souls are more often out of tune, than they are in harmony. If you honestly look for answers to questions that arise during the creation of the theatre, then the theater becomes a tuning fork, that can be used to tune our personal strings. I believe that the theatre enables one to hear the subtleties of the music of others and find common harmonies".

Nikita Betekhtin: "There is no need in an outstanding outcome, the process is more valuable. I would like our students to learn primary principals of working with material, space and partners. The aim is to engage you in a way so you become a part of something grand and meaningful".

TUITION FEE: 45 000 rub. per trimester.


Студенты AСT1 о GOGOL School vol. 2
I am a |Gitis| theatre school student. And I take my craft very seriously. I have a lot of love and respect for the stage. Gogol School| has played important role in my life. I have discovered my new abilities. It has brought courage, |emancipation|, freedom|. I was never able to do such things before. It seemed to me some kind of vulgarity and as people usually say "this is what you hide". But I took a chance. And to this day I have been working in the laboratory and successfully combine the two parallels of my |education|, which gives me a special individuality and makes me different from the usual acting student cliches.
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"|Gogol | school |... is an important place for me. A place where I can experiment. Try to behave in a new way, to react, to interact. Try to behave in a new way, to react, to interact. Experience myself. And a place where I can misbehave :) "
Gogol school is all about the freedom, when everything is really possible, and only you determine the boundaries. The most important thing is not being afraid of meeting yourself and honestly committing into it. Then you are certain to reach new heights. Tried and tested.
Яна Кондратенко
Илья – сердце Gogol school. Каждый приходит сюда не только для того, чтобы прикоснуться к актерскому искусству, научиться творить, но и для того, чтобы просто отогреться в лучах его душевного света и тепла. Любое малейшее изменение вашего внутреннего состояния будет замечено. И если вам плохо – вы получите утешение, доброе слово. Илья - неиссякаемый источник жизненной энергии. И мне бы очень хотелось научиться быть такой же – дарить, отдавать и вдохновлять других людей. Мы чувствуем, что мы важны для преподавателей, что наши успехи и неудачи для них так же значительны, как и для нас самих. Мы видим горящие глаза, искреннее желание поделиться накопленным опытом и донести до нас что-то очень важное. Иногда с нами делятся такими личными внутренними наблюдениями, что в какой-то момент даже не верится, что это действительно всё происходит, что мы «доросли» и заслуживаем такую открытость и честность. И сразу хочется делать больше, учиться лучше, потому что в нас вкладывают так много. Это очень ценно.
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