Ilya Romashko : I would like my students to realize and take it as it is, all of us are brothers. Everyone has own pros and cons. Be tolerant, you are no better and no worse. The only thing disporting people – is a reflection of own dissatisfaction in other person.

Ilya Romashko : Being ready for change” – is a marketable motto. Yet, it is an aim, which takes effort. I frequently hear people say they “quit” the safe-zone. Do they? Self-work is a process, a journey and an everyday choice, but have to be a little bit hard on yourself.

Irina Vybornova: "Theatre is about unity. In us. About us. And out of us. A lot of thoughts are rife about what will happen. Theatre is about being cut-openess, about self-crucifixion.

Kirill Kovbas: Theatre is place, which requires no rush.

Pavel Danilov: Theatre is an addiction hard to give up. It is a place, which never walks its own walk again.

TUITION FEE: 45 000 RUB. per trimester.


Now “flying” is not just words, not just a boring cliche, but the feeling of a body filled with air, a sense of mind free from everyday life, from pressing small things, worries, the feeling of a sparkling flame flaring in your chest, the flame that inspires you to take flight. Gogol-School is my personal, new level of freedom, my sincerity and height. Through pain, both physical and mental, through the resistance of one's own consciousness, you get something priceless that cannot be conveyed in words, that cannot be understood by the brain alone. A feeling. A sense. A second. A moment. A moment slamming into your muscle memory, burning somewhere in the depths of your chest, demanding a way out. A moment in which you must give yourself away to everything around you. This moment of ease, of flight, when there is only air and you. You are free, you are pure, you are happy.
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I won a month of training at GOGOL School. I thought to myself “I’ll go, I will get charged with the energy of these amazingly talented people and that'll be it.” But now I cannot leave .. For 4 hours twice a week, I just shut off from routine, everyday life, worries, all sorts of nastiness around ... and I’m alone with myself, I understand something about myself and people, I rest and work at the same time ... You can go to school even just for the sake of communicating with our teachers – they’re like energy beams that share love with us.
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The moments experienced in the class are completely new and amazing to me. This attitude to the world, creativity, partners - the understanding that you are only a part, not the center. Each of us has his own reason, that brought us to GOGOL School, but that makes our meeting all the more interesting, thanks to the fact that people with a lively inner spirit and love for the theatre gathered here .
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