DatesВоскресенье с 19:30 до 23:30 + 2 занятия с группой ACT (у каждого - своя).

February 5, 2018. We have finally launched a brand-new Directing lab and perfected its contents. This time tutors Egor Matveev and Alexey Razmakhov will guide you through an amazing world of Theatre.

The structure of the course now includes 2 Weekly Acting classes and a Weekly Directing class (held on Sundays).

We aim to take your experience higher. During classes you will learn how to create profound communication with your cast, improve acting skills and exercise directing vision. We are going to start with a simple play, uncover the deeper meaning of text. What is it all about? Does it reflect the routine, a day-to-day life? How to communicate your vision to actors?

By the end of 3 month-period you will be able to structure the creative process and to engage your cast fully. Additionally, you will find better artistic solutions, better means of expression. Contexture and composition. Inner and visual playwriting.

As an outcome — you will have a chance to direct your own play, discover a fresh metaphor for your idea.

TUITION FEE: 45 000 rub./per 3 months
3 classes a week 4 hours each

A play directed by  Hellena Rubinstein
Filmed Vyacheslav Konovalov



День Х, показ Режиссёрской Лаборатории Gogol School, зима 2017