Place where people leatn flying


GOGOL School is a union of likely-minded individuals.

Driven by the desire to create, build and manifest.

GOGOL School refuses to accept creativity only in form af a finished product. A result is a consequence of an immense internal work of the creator.

The aim of GOGOL School is to infect students with the desire change, doubt, go for constructive conflict, develop, dream and manifest.

GOGOL School believes in the energy of the individual and its ability to bring the acting technique to life. This is the fundamental difference between craft and art. The scale of personality determines the height of the mastery. Ч Honesty, openness, and commitment are just a few of the facets of the prism of perception of the result of students' creative work.

True feelings are at the heart of the stage.

GOGOL School mission is to be a stage that divides life into "before" and "after", which brings about changes, helps to understand oneself, to change the relations with the world and, as a consequence, the world itself.

It is impossible to "teach", but  we can assist you in learning.

GOGOL School is an airfield. A nest. A cliff. Home.

This is a place to learn and fly.